How to find out about your own town and school

Research is what people do when they want to find out about something they don’t know. If you want to research the history of your town, there are many things you can do.

  1. Go to the Tulare County Public Library. There are libraries in many towns. The librarian will help you find books about the history of your town.

  2. Visit the history room of the Visalia Library. This room has information and pictures from the first days of the county.

  3. Go to the Tulare County Museum in Mooney Grove. Their phone number is (559) 733-6616. There are many exhibits and resources there for you to discover.

  4. Ask if there is a local history group in your area. If there is, ask to interview someone from the history group.

  5. Ask any people you know who have lived in your town for a long time what they remember. They may have stories from their grandparents who were settlers.

  6. Remember to take notes and keep asking questions!

For many things, the Internet is a good place to look for information. However, for local history there is not much information on the Internet. Follow the ideas above to find information the old-fashioned way.